お申し込みフォーム/ Application Form


27th September 2019, 14:30 - 17:30
Public Training for Local Employees

Grasping Japanese Working Value Systems 
and their Differences with Us 
 ~Understanding the "Differences" make working with Japanese more enjoyable ~




First-come-first-served basis. We shall close the application once the expected number of participants have registered. 


If you wish to apply for 3 or more participants, please contact us before this registration.<>

During the training, pictures may be taken and be posted on our website. We seek your kind understanding and cooperation with regards to this. Should there be issues with this, please do notify us in advance. (※ Your company name and individual name will not be made public.)


<キャンセルポリシー/Cancellation Clause>

◆研修開催日より4営業日前以降のキャンセル: In the case of cancellation less than 4 working days prior to training:
・100%の参加費をお支払い頂きます。Training fee will not be refunded and no credits will be given.


◆研修開催日より5営業日以上前のキャンセル:In the case of cancellation 5 or more working days prior to training:
・キャンセル分の参加費は、2020年の1月末までのbeyond globalによって開催される他の研修参加費として使用することが可能です。(現金払戻は致しかねます)

・Training fee will be converted to credits which can be used for other training sessions conducted by beyond global. (There will be no cash refund)
・If not used by the end of January 2020, all remaining credits will be forfeited.

Please fill in your information in the form below after reading all the terms and conditions. Thank You.


名/First name
姓/Last name
会社名/Company Name
従業員数/Number of Employees
電話番号/Tel No.
講師への質問、テーマについて気になっていることなどございましたら、お書きください/ Please feel free to write any question or request.
お申し込みのきっかけ/How did you know the seminar?
お支払い方法選択/Mode of payment
請求書の住所、担当者名が上記と異なる場合、こちらにご記入ください/Invoice Address(if it is different from above)


beyond global Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") establishes the personal information protection policy as described below. Which establishes a mechanism for personal information protection and addresses the importance of protecting personal information for all employees. By doing so, we declare that we promote the protection of personal information of the user.


Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

Personal information that has been obtained is only done after clarifying the purpose of use. Personal information that has been gathered that has been gathered from training management, organizational personnel consulting, responses to inquiries, guidance on our services etc. will be used as part of our recruitment selection.


Management and Protection of Personal Information


We endeavor to keep personal information provided by us to be accurate and up to date and will only be used for the activities as mentioned above. Necessary and appropriate safety control measures will be taken to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, leakage etc. In addition, for security reasons, we will not return personal information you have provided us with. Personal information we will be kept in a safe and secured environment by the Company.


Management of Consignment etc.


We may outsource the operation of information processing (database input etc.) of personal information and the operation work of training. When delegating personal information, we select outsourcers that have been subjected to adequate protection of personal information protection level. A confidentiality agreement will be agreed on and cosigned by both parties.


Disclosure / Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party


We will not provide personal information to third parties without your consent. There are exceptions and are as follows:


(1)When disclosure is required for pursuant for the provisions of laws and regulations


(2)When necessary to protect serious interests such as human life, health, property etc.


(3)When necessary to protect the public interest


About Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information


We can adhere to requests of disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information provided to our company.
For complaints concerning the mishandling of personal information, request for disclosure / correction / deletion, refusal of offer etc. please contact the Company by telephone or e-mail.


Contact Us


For inquiries about handling of personal information by company, please contact us at the following address:


beyond global Pte. Ltd.


Eiichi Morita (Personal information Protection Management)


1 North Bridge Rd, #08-08 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094



・研修料金は、beyond globalによって開催される他の研修に使用可能なクレジットとなります。(現金払戻は不可)



※Cancellation Clause
In the case of cancellation 5 or more working days prior to training:

・Training fee will be converted to credits which can be used for other training sessions conducted by beyond global. (There will be no cash refund)
・If not used by January 2019, all remaining credits will be forfeited.

In the case of cancellation less than 5 working days prior to training:

・Training fee will be forfeited, no credits will be given and no refunds will be made.